S3 Parents’ and Carers’ Evening 2019

Parents and Carers of pupils in S3 are invited to attend the S3 Parents’ and Carers’ Evening on Thursday 3 October. The evening runs from 4:30pm until 7:00pm. Your child is welcome to accompany you.

The appointments take place in the school Assembly Hall, Dining Hall and Pupil Support corridor. The coffee bar in the Dining Hall will be open for the first part of the evening. Parents/carers bringing a car are asked to park in the bus park on this occasion. When you arrive, please enter via Reception. You will be asked to sign in at desks which will be just through the doors. Pupil leaders and senior staff will be on hand to help you. When you sign in, you will be given a map showing where each teacher is located.

Appointments with teachers are made online via our online booking system. The system can be accessed here https://queenannehigh.parentseveningsystem.co.uk/ from a computer, tablet or smartphone. If you use a smartphone, the system can automatically book appointments for you.

To log in to the system, you need to provide the following information:

  • Title (e.g. Mr or Mrs), your first and last name
  • Your email address (This must be the email address you gave the school and is the one you are using now.)
  • The first and last name of your child and their date of birth

If you have more than one child in S3 you will need to log in for each child.

The appointments are for a maximum of five minutes. Teachers only have 24 appointment slots, so in classes where there are more than 24 pupils it will not be possible to offer appointments to everyone. If you are unable to get an appointment with a specific teacher and you have something you need to find out, please contact your child’s Guidance Principal Teacher who will speak to your child’s teacher to get the information you want.

You will also find information about your child’s progress, including advice on how they can make even better progress, in our school Learning Tracking system. This can be found here  https://my.didbook.com/mobile/en-gb/Login/ Information in the Learning Tracker is updated several times a year. It is worthwhile checking it towards the end of each term as teachers will normally have recorded new information for that term.

Information on how to use the Learning Tracker and understand the information in it can be found on the school website. (https://qahs.org.uk/parents-carers/learning-tracker/)

The booking system opens at 7 pm on Thursday 26th September and closes at the end of the day on Wednesday 2 October. If you are unable to make bookings during that time period, there may be a few appointments available on the evening. Please speak to one of the pupil leaders on the front desks who will check whether there are any suitable appointments for you.