S1 Settling-in Meetings

S1 Settling-in Meetings

Parents and Carers of S1 pupils can arrange settling-in meetings with guidance principal teachers through the on-line booking system. 
Parents/Carers are asked to make appointments only if they have specific points that they wish to discuss with their child’s guidance teacher. 
It is important that appointments are made with the correct guidance teacher. See the information below:

Mr Fraser 1A1 and 1A3
Mr Dewar 1A2 and 1A4
Mrs. McIntosh 1B1 and 1B3
Miss Bennett 1B2 and 1B4
Mr Main 1C1 and 1C3
Mr Masson 1C2 and 1C4

The majority of interviews will last no more than 10 minutes and pupils should attend with their Parents/Carers.

Parents/Carers of children on Mrs. MacDougall’s or Mr Doran’s caseloads, should make appointments with them and not with the guidance teacher linked to their child’s registration class.

Meetings are scheduled to take place on the dates below:
25th October
29th October
30th October
1st November

Parents/Carers will be able to see the specific dates and times that their child’s guidance teacher is available when they log on to the booking system.

Parents/Carers of pupils who attend ISA 2 have already met with staff and are not required to make appointments.

Information about using the online booking system for these meetings can be found here.