Replacement MyFife Cards

Ways for Pupils to Order a Replacement Myfife Card – Free of Charge

There has been a change to the way pupils apply for and receive Replacement MyFife Card.

Pupils can no longer apply for a MyFife Card through their school and there is now no charge made.

Please apply in one of the following ways:

  • Online by logging on to:

Google – Myfife card replacement

Click on Replace/renew your Myfife card in the Do it On-Line box (on the right-hand side of screen)

Click on Myfife Card – request a Replacement Card and follow the process of completing the form.

  • By Phone

Pupils can also phone our contact centre out with school hours on 03451550066 (this number is on the back of their cards).

  • In Person

Pupils can also pop into one of our Local Offices during holidays and request a card there.

Cards will be delivered directly to your home address.

Once you have received your Replacement Card:

  • Pupils must bring their Temporary Card to the office (in school) along with their new Replacement card where it will be activated.

You can find more information and benefits of having a Myfife Card at: