Learning Tracker

Learning Tracker

 This session we have started to use a Learning Tracker to record information about each pupil’s learning. We want to share this information with parents/carers and pupils.

The information can be accessed online. An account has been created for the main contact for each pupil in the school along with an initial password (which has to be changed when you first log in). Account details were posted to the main contact for each parent by Friday 9th November.

Information about how to log in and use the system can be found in the  QAHS Learning Tracker Guide for Parents and Carers.

The document Understanding the Information in the Queen Anne High School Learning Tracker will help you understand what the information means.

If you have any queries regarding your child’s education, please contact their Guidance Principal Teacher.

Once pupil accounts have been created, we will be providing pupils with these details so that they can access the information in the system.