Visitor parking is accessed by taking the first right turn after entering the school grounds and then right again.

The first 6 parking places are designated disabled parking. The next 20 spaces are reserved for visitors to park in.

Dropping Off

A dropping-off zone is provided between the entrance to the car parks and the bus park. It is a one-way road in a clockwise direction. Enter by the second right turn after entering the school grounds and exit via the entrance to the car park. See the map below.


No vehicles (other than buses and service vehicles) should enter the area where the school buses pick up and drop off pupils.

Disabled Access

Queen Anne High School is wheelchair friendly. Disabled parking is provided close to the main school entrance and the doors open automatically upon pressing a button on a prominent post.

Within the school, lifts are available to access other floors. Music, Modern Languages, Library, Home Economics, Religious Education, Chemistry and Business Studies are all on the first floor. Biology is the only department on the second floor.