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Important Information:

6 August 2020 – Parental Letter – Pupils Returning to School

6 August 2020 – SQA Awards-Review Update Information can be found here.

6 August 2020 – Bus Timetables 2020-21 can be found here.

27 March 2020 – FAQs for Parents/Carers of Pupils in S4-S6



Useful Information

Parents of pupils in S4-S6, letter from Maria Lloyd, Head of Education re SQA and SDS


SQA statement on coursework for National Qualifications

The SQA has released an important statement on coursework arrangements for National Qualifications.  It is essential that Senior Phase pupils, parents and carers read this statement in full.

Please see the following link:
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Learning resources for pupils during the school closure

The following document provides a summary of resources compiled within each curricular area to support learning at home.


Learning Tracker

For further information, please click this link.


Cash Cafeteria Prices

Please find Cash Cafeteria prices here.