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E-Bulletin week ending 22/06/18


Course Choices for session 2018-2019 (Updated)

The main course choice process runs throughout January into early February.

Exemplar Course Choice Forms for the main choices can be found here:
S2 Choice Form
S3 Choice Form
S4 Choice Form
S5 Choice Form

Course Choice Process

Due to staffing limitations, the Creative Computing course and the Design & Manufacturing courses at S3 and National levels cannot be offered. Some other courses on the forms may not run if there is insufficient demand.

Courses on offer from Fife College to pupils in S4 to S6 on Monday and Wednesday afternoons have been added to the choice forms.

Choice Forms were issued to pupils in registration on Thursday 11th January. Pupils who did not receive their choice form should ask for their form at the school office.

The Choice Forms should be returned to Registration Teachers no later than,
19th January for pupils in S3
26th January for pupils in S4 and S5
9th February for pupils in S2


 Senior Phase Formal Assessment Timetable
Please find this document here.

Exciting new ways to make school payments

The Council is introducing additional methods of payment within schools to make life easier for parents/carers to make online payments for school meals, other school expenses such as trips and uniforms. In addition to cash, this new method will also allow pupils to reduce the amount of cash they carry to school, helping reduce administration and cash handling in schools.
For further information, please follow this link.