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Course Choices for Session 2019 – 2020

Pupils in S2 to S5, assisted by their parents/carers will be making course choices for Session 2019 – 2020 between the 16th to 25th January.

Course choices have been discussed in Personal and Social Education and parents and carers had an opportunity to attend an Information Evening in school on January 16th.
(A PDF copy of the presentation slides used at the evening is available here.)

To assist with the choices, information booklets have been prepared for each year group and can be accessed using these links.

Course Choice Information for pupils in S2 going into S3 in Session 2019 – 2020
Course Choice Information for pupils in S3 going into S4 in Session 2019 – 2020
Course Choice Information for pupils in S4 going into S5 in Session 2019 – 2020
Course Choice Information for pupils in S5 going into S6 in Session 2019 – 2020

The information booklets contain the choice form, which shows which courses are available in each column. The choices themselves will be made through GLOW.

Pupils should log in to GLOW and use the appropriate Tile on their Launch Pad to open a Form which will allow them to record their choices electronically. All choices must be made by January 25th.

Guidance teachers will assist pupils in making their choices, so if it is not possible to complete the choices at home, this can be done in school, with the Guidance teacher helping the pupil to record their choices. Parents/carers should discuss the choices with their child prior to this to ensure that the correct choices have been made.

Once the deadline for choices has passed, Guidance teachers will check each pupil’s choices with the pupil themselves to ensure that any errors made during the choice process are picked up quickly and addressed.


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