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E-Bulletin week ending 10/01/2020


Course Choices for Session 2020 – 2021

Pupils in S2 to S5 will have an interview with their Guidance Teacher over the two week period starting Monday January 27th to decide on courses for Session 2020 – 2021. Subject teachers have provided the Guidance Teachers will the information needed to advise pupils on the best courses for them to study next session.

The course choice process and the courses on offer has changed significantly. Parents, carers and pupils are strongly advised to read the following two documents by clicking the links below.

The Course Choice Process for Pupils in S2 to S5
Course Descriptor – New Courses

Information about all courses accredited by the SQA can be found on their website.

Information about the courses on offer to pupils going into S4 to S6 can be found here

An Information Evening for parents and carers of pupils in S2 to S5 has been organised for Wednesday 22 January in the school assembly hall, starting at 6:00 pm sharp.

To allow parents/carers and pupils to consider the range of courses on offer and to discuss options prior to the interview with the Guidance Teacher, the option forms can be viewed by following these links.

Option form for pupils in S2 going into S3
Option form for pupils in S3 going into S4
Option form for pupils in S4 going into S5
Option form for pupils in S5 going into S6

Pupils will be given a hard copy showing the choices made with their Guidance Teacher after their interview. This should be signed and returned as soon as possible.


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