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Queen Anne High School: Risk Assessment Summary – 6 January 2021
Queen Anne High School: COVID-19 Risk Assessment: Version 4.1
Our risk assessment is modified on an on-going basis in response to local and national guidance. The most recent guidance from the Scottish Government can be found on the Scottish Government website at and the most up to date QAHS risk assessment can be viewed here.
The document is in final draft form as we are awaiting the approval from one of the trade unions. (The others have approved it.)
We have tried to make this risk assessment as user friendly as possible. It is split into sections, with each section listing the actions that should be carried out by a particular group of people. This means that there are only a few pages that you need to read which provide you with information on what you need to do to reduce the risk to you and everyone else.
Pupils (and their parents or carers) should read pages 2 and 3.
Parents and carers should also read pages 4 and 5.
Class teachers should read pages 6 to 9.
Pupil Support Assistants should read pages 10 to 12.
PTCs and Subject PTs should read pages 13 to 17.
Pupil Support PTs should read pages 18 to 21.
ISA 2 staff should read pages 22 to 25 and page 42.
Members of SLT should read pages 26 to 30.
Office staff should read pages 31 and 32.
School technicians should read pages 33 and 34.
SODEXO staff should read pages 35 and 36.
Catering staff should read pages 37 and 38.
Community Use and Active Schools staff should read pages 39 and 40.
Visitors to the school should read pages 2 to 9.
People who fall into the Greater Risk category should also read page 41.
Members of SLT should also read page 43.
The Business Manager should also read page 44.
Members of the Health & Safety Group should also read page 44.
The COVID-19 Cleaning Protocol and Standards for Schools document can be found here.




Important Information:

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