Revision Guide S4 – S6

The SQA exams are almost upon us again.

Preparing for Your Exams

It is important that you create a structured revision plan to ensure that you get the best result you can. This should be well underway by  now.

An example of the structure of a study plan you could use, is available to be downloaded here.

Example Study Plan (Word) Example Study Plan

The SQA website also has a study planner section that will help you to build up a study timetable. It can be found on the following site:

SQA MyStudyPlan

As part of your study plan you should be completing as many past paper questions as possible, as well as using resources from Higher Still Notes, Scholar, BBC Bitesize and subject specific revision sites such as the Evans2Chemweb site for Chemistry ( You may need to ask your subject teacher for the password details for these websites.

SQA past papers are available to be downloaded for free, as PDFs, from the SQA website using the following link: The SQA marking instructions are available for these papers as well, which you should make use of. Of course, if you prefer you can purchase past papers published by Bright Red publishing from most booksellers.

For pupils who require digital papers, these are also available on the SQA website from the following link:

Study Support Classes

Every department in Queen Anne runs study support classes either at lunchtime or after school.

Please check with your subject teacher for times and dates.

It is important that you make good use of such classes, particularly for any areas of difficulty you discover as part of your revision plan.


Exam Timetable

The SQA exam timetable is available to be downloaded from the SQA website,, or from the links below.

2015 Exam Timetable (PDF) Exam Timetable 2015

The SQA website also has a tool that allows you to create a personalised exam timetable, which will show only your exams. This can be created using the following site:

Once you have created your timetable, it can be printed or emailled to you to save it.

For those of you who have a smartphone, there is an SQA Exam Builder application you can download to have your exam timetable on your phone.

The following versions are available – please use the links to download / find out more:


Receiving Exam Results

There are 2 ways you can receive your exam results. By post or by email & text.




Exam certificates are due to arrive by post in August 2015.

Email or Text

If you register with MySQA you can receive your results by text or email in August 2015. This means that if you are on holiday, you will still be able to get your exam results! (Please note that even if you sign up to receive your results by email or text, you will still receive a paper certificate from the SQA)

Registration is simple. All you need is your Scottish Candidate number (SCN) and a unique email address. You must confirm that SQA have your correct home address and they will send you an activation code by letter to that address. You then use this to access your account.

If you have signed up for this service before you do not need to do anything, however it is advisable to check the contact details the SQA have to ensure they hold the latest phone number and email address.

You must register before July for this service to work correctly.