Potential Course Choice Changes

Potential Course Changes for Pupils in S5 and S6

Pupils who have started courses at Higher or Advanced Higher Level have done so in the expectation that they will gain a pass at Grade C or better in their related National 5 or Higher exams respectively which they sat in May.

 Once the school has received information about SQA exam results in August we will identify pupils who do not have the necessary qualifications to continue with a course at Higher or Advanced Higher level. These pupils and their parents/carers will be sent an appointment to meet with the pupil’s Guidance teacher to discuss alternative courses. The appointments will start at 9:00 on Tuesday 15th August which is the last day of the school holiday for pupils. Depending on the number of pupils affected, the interviews may continue later in the week.

 All courses started in early June so any pupil who needs to take a new course will already have missed the best part of four week’s work. Our aim is to complete the course change process as quickly as possible so that pupils have the best chance of success in their new courses.

 It is very important that pupils attend the appointment at the time given. Parents and carers are welcome to attend the meeting. Where parents/carers are unable to attend the meeting, we would encourage the pupils to contact their parents/carers using their mobile phones to inform them of the proposed changes. It will be unlikely that further changes could be made at a later date due to the majority of classes being full.

 It would be helpful if parents/carers could contact the school by Wednesday 9th August if changes to courses will be required for their son/daughter and they cannot attend an appointment on Tuesday 15th.

 Pupils and parents/carers should look at the course choice form on the website here which shows the combination of courses available. We are unable to show which courses will have spaces in August as this will depend on the exam results which are due on August 8th.

 All pupils and parents/carers should be aware that in order to give as many pupils the combination of courses they want, we may need to move pupils to different classes even if the pupils being moved passed all of their exams.