Parent Council

Welcome to Queen Anne High School (QAHS)
Parent Council

Your young person is a member of the school community within QAHS, therefore, why not engage with the QAHS Parent Council to support your child’s future education.
The Parent Council invites all parents/carers, as members of the QAHS Parent Forum, to join them at their meetings, which are held termly and dates are noted on the school calendar, where they discuss and learn about the workings of the school.
The Parent Council provides the opportunity for Parents to raise any general issues affecting the education and welfare of pupils and discuss them in a relaxed, friendly, open and helpful way, while meeting with the Rector and other senior members of staff.

Please Note:
Personal issues are not discussed at open meetings but the Parent Council will act as advocate for any parent with concerns.

Details of our meetings are available on the school website and are highlighted in the Parental Newsletter or on the QAHS Website at
The Chair and Secretary can also be contacted via a dedicated e-mail [email protected] where they will be happy to discuss any queries parents or carers may have within the remit of the Parent Council.
We look forward to meeting you in person soon and wish your child a happy and constructive time while studying at QAHS.

Derek Twaddle, Chairperson – QAHS Parent Council

Patricia McKibben, Secretary – QAHS Parent Council